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maxbicyclemax 12-25-08 05:40 PM

Sunny warm Christmas, West Australia
Near perfect weather for Christmas this year in Perth West Australia.
14 hours of brilliant sunshine 27 degrees c.

Like alot of people i rode a bike as a kid as a matter of transport fun etc. until such time as i got my drivers licence, started drinking and chasing girls. Party was everything and bicycles were for kids.

Im now 37
About 10 years ago i bought a cheapish mountin bike rode it all over till it was nearly dead. it was the best bike id ever had at that point

About 5 years ago a bought a medium priced flat bar roadbike and have ridden that all over till it is now nearly dead. that was by far the best bike upto that time.

Now (1 week ago) i have bought a Giant OCR Alliance Sport. (I guess entry level to the nice road bikes)
best bike i have ever owned.

i put my head phones on, cover with sunscreen (australia has the worst rate of skin cancer in the world and alot of advertising to warn us) and i ride by the beach.

Perth is a sunny place. We have very good cycle paths too.

Merry Christmas all.
Im gonna take the dog for a walk.

Cheers mate
See ya


Alfster 12-28-08 07:08 PM

27 deg C at Christmas. Nice! I live in Southern Ontario, Canada and was extremely happy when we got +12 deg C over the last few days. Although it was raining for most of the time.

Welcome to BF's. Keep that sunscreen on!

maxbicyclemax 12-29-08 06:08 AM

Cheers mate! :thumb:

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