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y33dave 12-27-08 09:38 AM

Denver Daddy saying Hello ~
Hey all - I'm 'Dave' from Denver ...

I've been riding bikes since I could get my feet to the pedals.

It's been a bumpy ride over the years. I had a few years where I didn't even own a vehicle (at the state's request) - so I rode EVERYWHERE. That's when I got into better bikes, my own maintenance and actually got strong. I was skinny and happy.

Now I'm 38, married and have 2 boys of my own.

While I'm happy! - I'm not quite skinny any more. But I'm slowly fixing that by working out at lunch, eating salads and setting goals for myself. (I've actually dropped about 30#'s from last year this time) On nice days I try to coordinate with the family to where I can ride to work.

I built up my first single speed last year from a Schwinn Varsity. That was a blast and I've actually used the bike in my first Duathlon! Now I'm hooked and will be setting goals to do more. I'm looking for a better bike, using Nike+ to help motivate me to run. And bugging my buddy Chris to do things with me on Monday's after work (racquetball (he wins usually), biking, running, and sometimes we slack and go get dinner and beers).

I currently own 2 bikes.

Schwinn Varsity - converted to a commuter/single with cyclocross tires on 700c Mavic CXP-22's. Gonna play with the bars. (currently Bulls)
2001 GT i-Drive Race - I've changed very little. New Wheels, added disc brakes, carbon bars and a different saddle. I'm gonna ride that bike till it dies.

I'm currently looking at upgrading the single to a new Madison or something of the likes.
Getting a race-able road bike (I'm really attracted to some of the Motobecanes on BD... but, well - you know)
And I'm always on the search for a project bike (on the eternal search for an XL Zaskar frame I can build up on the cheap)

I enjoy this forum and all of its amazing knowledge. The rants and raves are fun to read through.

I look forward to interacting with a lot of you for years to come - and hopefully can meet up at Colorado Events.


Go ride already -


DataJunkie 12-27-08 10:05 AM

Welcome to the forum. What part of the metro area are you in?

y33dave 12-27-08 10:29 AM


Out in the south burbs

By Park Meadows Mall

chrischad 12-27-08 12:47 PM

south south south south... when you gonna come to your senses and move to the ghetto like me!

and I only beat you at Racquetball, Swimming, Running, Hiking (when you are not with your dad), Backpacking, Drinking, and eating... You have me beat on the biking tho...

yes that was taunting in a public forum!

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