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Desert Peddaler 01-01-09 04:52 AM

New year, new forum member; meet the Desert Pedaller
I'm 63 going on 16. As a kid I was always wheeling and dealing in bicycles. Now, as both a military and civilian retiree I find myself back scouring thrift shops and swap meets for the bikes of my youth. It started with with putting bikes together for the kids next door and when they moved I found that I had developed a habit of sorts. I wasn't just putting bikes together but riding them as well. I now have some thirteen bikes in various stages of repair and progress and I've become a favored ebay customer. Most of these bikes will be resold to fund my restoration efforts for my three vintage Schwinns. I have 78 Varsity, an early seventies LeTour and a LeTour III. I'm hoping to take at least one of them back to northern Ohio for a week or two in the spring to ride the back roads of my youth. I'm looking forward to sharing everyone's adventures on the forum in the coming year. May your roads be straight and the hills be downward in the sun.
Ray Mead, the Desert Peddaler

RonH 01-01-09 08:16 AM

Hi Ray and welcome. I turned 64 two weeks ago but I'm not a vintage bike nut. I work on too many of them in the shop I work at. I enjoy seeing and riding new bikes. :rolleyes:
Post pics of your vintage bikes in the Classic & Vintage forum and join in the lively discussions in the 50+ forum.

Siu Blue Wind 01-01-09 12:45 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums!! Thirteen bikes, huh? That's not enough!!! Gotta get at least one more because 14 is a luckier number than 13. Got any pics?

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