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Cell_Ryda 01-01-09 06:58 AM

Hello from Australia
Hey guys, i really like the forum. Been doing a fair bit of lurking and decided time to give some back and join up

RonH 01-01-09 08:24 AM

Welcome to BF.

You're got some great prices on I'm not familiar with the brand.
The yellow jersey is $24.95AUD which is < $18USD. And $24AUD for an arm AND leg warmer set. :twitchy: What a bargain. I guess the shipping would eat up the savings. :(

Siu Blue Wind 01-01-09 12:42 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums, Cell Ryda!

Enjoy your stay!

Cell_Ryda 01-02-09 12:28 AM

Hey mate, don't actually work for cell or own the site just shameless plugs due to there great prices! and great products. I ride a Team 2009 Cell bike running full 105 group set for $1,100 back mid last year. They sell some cheap gear which is good quality. Too bad it doesn't have the name held by Scott, Spealiz, etc :roflmao2:

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