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lacorota 01-03-09 11:13 AM

New from N.E. Portland

just landed here. Great place to acquire some comprehensive information and meet others with a passion for all manner of biking! I live in Northeast Portland, Oregon (Hollywood Neighborhood) and it's a bikers' paradise. I'm a machinist by swing shift, but I have a few hours each day, and weekend I enjoy biking the vast network of paths, lanes, and quiet streets getting around Portland. We've numerous bike shops and bike clubs, too.

I've assembled several metropolitan tours ranging from 20 - 100 miles; they all meander within the extents of Portland's wonderful and diverse neighborhoods including N.E., S.E., S.W., West, and North -- from the Columbia River at the north, down the Willamette River, to the Tualatin River in S.W. I ensure each tour includes a five-star bakery stop every 20 or so miles! I've lived and worked across the midwest and west (as far west as Washington's San Juan Islands ) and Portland is what I think is the most bike friendly. We have strong advocacy (BTA et. al.) as well as a bike friendly (relatively) city council that keeps bike commuters well within their radar.

My bikes-- road and nice days: Trek Madone 5.5, sloppy weather (now): Trek 2100, and lastly, my new loaded touring / work bike: Cannondale T1.



bhchdh 01-03-09 02:29 PM

Welcome :-)

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