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raptureman 01-08-09 09:45 AM

Finbarr from Dublin, Ireland

I'm 40 years old, working in IT and returning to road biking after an absence of almost 1 1/2 years.
I started out when I was 34 on a French Lapierre sport entry level and moved up to a Trek 1600 after 2 years or so.
I did a cycle from Dublin to Cork (180miles +), after 5 months training, along with a relative to raise money for a charity and I'm addicted since then.
I use biking along with Boxing and other bits and pieces to stay in good shape.
I am joining bikeforums to share and get advice on biking.
I want to be able to bike as long as I possibly can and hope to do another marathon event soon.

Looking for discussions!! :)

raptureman 01-08-09 09:47 AM

Sorry, forgot to mention I'm actually living in Dublin, Ireland......yep.....definitely 40 ;)

AndrewP 01-08-09 10:51 AM

If you put your hometown in your public profile it helps people see the context of any future posts. Comments on horse drawn traffic could be expected from Dubliners but not from Los Angelinos.

MrCjolsen 01-08-09 11:29 AM

I was in Dublin, Howth and Galway this summer. I've always dreamed of biking across Ireland. How are the roads?

rotharpunc 01-08-09 12:43 PM

fiorchaoin fa'ilte!

jfmckenna 01-08-09 01:55 PM


East Hill 01-09-09 01:16 PM

Hello raptureman, glad to have you here :D .

Don't hesitate to send me a PM if you have any questions.

East Hill
Forum Moderator

raptureman 01-11-09 03:18 PM

Originally Posted by MrCjolsen (Post 8144937)
I was in Dublin, Howth and Galway this summer. I've always dreamed of biking across Ireland. How are the roads?

the summer of 2008??, glad to see that someone found it good for biking!!
Howth is a great spot, it's approximately 15 miles from where I live and I've used it for hill work. You can climb one side, which is long and reasonably steep while the other is shorter but much more of an anaerobic my opinion ;) I've never cycled in Galway but that's fab too.
The roads are very rural for the most parr and cause for much debate in Ireland as to where the Road tax we pay goes!!

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