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Zjust2978 01-08-09 10:41 PM

Hello, my name's Zack, and I'm from Virginia, and I am not exactly new to bike building. Just recently I had a stroke of luck and found some bikes at my Grandmother's old tore down house. I found a Malibu Cruiser, one complete and a frame with three wheels belonging to it, and the same for a Western Flyer.All with minimal rust on them, excepting the spare rims. These are 23 inch bikes. I also found two 20 inch bikes, a black huffy track racing bike, and an unknown brand red snakeskin pattern bike, possibly a mountain bike. I found this site today, and Immediately wanted to join, so here I am. (Super Talker)

East Hill 01-09-09 01:17 PM

Hi Zack, let's see some photos of your haul!

Welcome to BikeForums, and don't hesitate to send me a PM if you have any questions.

East Hill
Forum Moderator

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