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alcahueteria 01-10-09 10:38 AM

Hello Again
Hello again! Just got back from doing my time in the Peace corps and getting ready for a cross country voyage. A move from Georgia to California (San Diego)! Don't know too much about the area so hopefully I'll find some good trails...and a job! California or bust!

RonH 01-10-09 08:11 PM

Hi Dom. Glad you're back. :beer:
I missed seeing you when you stopped by the bike shop recently. Will you be there any time soon? I may stop by Monday around 11:00 (after I finish with physical therapy -- had surgery last Tuesday) to pick up a bb Mike ordered for me. Will you be stopping by?

What's in Calif? School? Work?

alcahueteria 01-11-09 12:50 PM

In Augusta for now. Probably won't be stopping by, atleast not monday. Probably not again until I drive through to head out to California. My girlfriend is out there and hopefully the other things you listed are there too! How's the PT? Hope everything's going alright. Heard you were working at the shop.

RonH 01-11-09 12:54 PM

I'm listed in "the Crew" section on the Intown website. I'm listed just above you.
Do you have a job and/or school lined up or will you do like David W did and just head out west and see what comes your way? :)

Best of luck to you. :thumb:

East Hill 01-11-09 02:45 PM

Enjoy your trip!

And welcome back :D .

East Hill

alcahueteria 01-11-09 10:41 PM

Thanks! I'm pretty much just rolling out there and gonna see what gives.

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