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krankrider 01-11-09 10:44 AM

Yellow All
Hey I dunno why I am introducing myself. I normally just lurk. Online is the only place I feel safe enough to lurk otherwise someone else might be lurking just behind me.

Anyway somehow someone sent me an e mail suggesting I introduce myself. I am not sure why but I am gona try.

I am Krank rider. I am 30something and live in TO. I was a bike mess pre 95 and came back just over a year ago. ( full time that is). I ride without style whenever possible and consider communication the only way to prevent deaths on the road. I don't think people generally hate me because I am on a bike but I sure do think they hate me because they can't predict what I am going to do and their insurance will go up if they hit me, regardless of whos fault it is. So I see a lot of hostility. It is worse in winter. I look more like a boy and so get a little more confrontational behaviour directed at me. So what. life is hard. I try and does it matter if the bozo in the car does? Probly not, My hapiness is my responsibility, someone elses hapiness or misery is not.

I dunno. riding for a living in sub zero temps with ice and snow and salt and water and ruining rims don't make a girl so nice some times. Nice to meet you all. Make me laugh and maybe I won't sound as angry. Few weeks of cold crap from the sky don't make for pretty poems that be for sure.

thanks for being here.

East Hill 01-11-09 12:31 PM

Hi krankrider! I've found that my long red hair does a lot to distract motorists from being hostile, but it's not necessarily going to work for you :lol:

Thanks for de-lurking!

Welcome to BikeForums, and don't hesitate to send me a PM if you have any questions.

East Hill
Forum Moderator

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