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jrmccoy 01-11-09 11:38 AM

New Member in Phoenix, Az
I've found an awful lot of value in being joining forums such as this and now that I'm getting back into riding; what the heck. I just recently retired from military service and now that I am no longer on call 24/7, I have both the time and the inclination to ride again. I have a MTB for riding along hte local canals and all of the trails that we have in the state and an older Trek 5500 for getting the wind in my face. Granted, it's taking a bit getting back into the saddle of the TREK as I'm not used to it (okay @ 50, one too many parachute jumps and too much "field work", I'm not as limber as I used to be and almost wish for a new bike bike with more relaxed geometry. Anyways, I'm here, enjoy chatting about fun subject matter and getting out on the bike. Jack

cycle17 01-11-09 12:00 PM

Hey welcome to Bikeforums! From the roadie perspective, there's a good amount of riding here in Phoneix. Hope to see you out on the road at some point. Don't forget to check out the lounge area here whn you're looking for a few laughs.

East Hill 01-11-09 08:01 PM

Hi Jack! I flung myself out of a perfectly good airplane once, and figured that was good enough :D .

Glad to hear that you survived multiple flingings, and are now a part of our happy community!

Welcome to BikeForums and don't hesitate to send me a PM if you have any questions.

East Hill
Forum Moderator

Pi}{ie 01-11-09 08:07 PM

Welcome Welcome I'm new here too. I just did the El Tour deTucson out in AZ. Your weather and cycling opportunities there are fantastic! I'm dying to move :D.

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