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Mttraveller 01-13-09 04:32 PM

Hello from Montana
Hi all just want to say hello from Billings Montana. I am new to the biking world I bought A new bike. To get in shape for a triathalon and to try to loss weight. sort of bumed the weather is not working in my faver though. Just to cold and icy. I am going to do the bike secton of the Peaks to prairie race in april. I did it last year trained real hard and I finished I hope to knock 25 min of my time from last year. I did it on and old bike and the gearing was all wrong for the race. I have a new bike this year. with all the right gears. wish me luck

KDJH 01-13-09 08:41 PM

Good luck.

downtube42 01-13-09 08:43 PM

Good luck and welcome to BF. Don't take anything anyone says here too seriously.

AndrewP 01-13-09 08:54 PM

Tell us more about how your new bike compares with the old one and the the Peaks to prairie race (how long and how much climbing). Good luck.

muccapazza 01-13-09 09:36 PM

How could you have wrong gears? It's all down hill from Red Lodge, innit? Of course the year I did the bicycling leg it was into a nasty head wind. LAst year I came over from Bozeman for the innaugural Iron Can 15, a group ride starting at the airport, going down behind the Metra and along the river and stopping at a biker bar with a fun after party, but I didn't see an announcement this year. Billings seemed kind of biker unfriendly, but I may just not have enough experience, I'm sure I could sort out some safe routes to get around with more saddle time.

ANyway, good luck on your race prep, it's a fun time.

Mttraveller 01-13-09 11:25 PM

I am new at this. I had never done a race of any kind on a bike. I had a bike that I had gotten from Walmart. The gears were 47-14 ratieo of 3.5 compared to the 51- 11 that other people were using I had no problem finishing it was I just was not able to keep up with other riders.

East Hill 01-18-09 02:53 PM

What new bike did you get?

Welcome to BikeForums :D .

East Hill
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