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mikeeg911 01-20-09 06:22 PM

Bike Choices! Help!
Down to two bikes '07 Trek 5000 $1499 or '07 LeMond Versailles $1539. Any advice? Price ok?

AndrewP 01-20-09 09:33 PM

Nothing much to choose between them - traditional or sloping top tube. Ride them both and take the one that feels the best. If they feel the same take the one whose colour you like. Ask again on the road bike section.

RonH 01-21-09 02:40 PM

Both made in the same factory. Got anything else you're interested in?

East Hill 01-23-09 01:48 PM

Best fit?

Welcome to BikeForums!

East Hill
Forum Moderator

fjtb2000 01-23-09 02:36 PM

Check out ... Offer free shipping ... Close to 50% off retail ... lots of choices

mikeeg911 01-26-09 05:00 AM

Rode both-LeMond rode 100 percent beter-Bought it

East Hill 01-26-09 08:10 PM

Good enough reason for me!

Congratulations :D .

East Hill

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