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jack002 02-24-09 03:22 PM

Lemme introduce myself
Jack002 here. I'm a road cyclist, I'm 50, I ride about 13 mph avarage, I rode 1067 or so miles last year. I have a Canondale R900, a '90, I'm a weekend warrier that wants to ride daily. I love the local trails.

If you live in Columbia MO, Hello! I used to live there and miss the Katy really bad! It rocks!

I'm also a bike 'logger'. I have logged every ride on two different bikes since 1981. I have records of miles, ave speed, time, weight, calories burned, max speed and where I rode for every day from '81 to present.

I like to spin, I keep about a 92 rpm on a flat road. Its great. I love cadience options on bike speedos.

I am a HRM (heart rate monitor) user. Its great to keep track of effort being put forth. Good for the first ride of the spring to keep it under control and not go too hard too soon.

I live in SW MO and plan to do more long distance rides. I've done several centuries, all assisted. I want to try to do one unassisted. Also plan to take a week off and see how far I can go in one week.

I'm kinda a winter wimp. I'm trying to get up the guts to go out and ride whenever its dry out, no luck so far. ;) I get started in like March.

RAGBRAI, if you've never gone, you are missing out! I went in '00. I'd like to go again, takes more time and $ than seems doable most times.

I'm kinda handy. I made a triple on my old Motobecane back years ago. Screws, washers and an old 25 tooth gear from a cluster. It even worked with the original front derailer. Later converted it to a "real" triple, and changed the 5 for a 6 cog in the rear. The bike new had 10 speeds and had 18 when I sold it.

I feel like a NOOB to most all of you here, but I'm sure theres a pack that I can fit right into. :) You feel like riding about 1 hr and get in about 12-14? Then we are on the same level. I pass as many as what pass me I guess. :D


PS, oh yeah, I'm also a bit of a comic. Enjoy my latest bike joke on me:

Q: what kind of bike runs for reelection?
A: A recumbant!! :D

Alfster 02-24-09 06:30 PM

Hi Jack. Welcome to Bike Forums. You're the 3rd person recently who mentioned the RAGBRAI. I'm going to have to check it out sometime. I'm impressed that you're able to log every ride ... from '81 :eek: I start recording my rides every spring and quickly lose the ambition to recording them.

Btw, thanks for your words of encouragement for Trudijane. I can tell you're going to be an asset to these forums.

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