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MrBearSir 02-25-09 05:02 PM

New and in search of a new bike as well!!!!!!
Hey all!

I just became a member for a few reasons: I love cycling, I'm new to the sport and need to find ways to get involved more, and most importantly (at least more immediately),

I'm looking to purchase a new bike!!!!!!!

I was hoping to find a decent amount of used or old floor model bikes on here so if anyone has anything they're looking to sell pleasee let me know!

Preferences: 55cm(ish), veloce/105 or up, carbon, bianchi preferred!!!!!!!, kestrel/kuota/cannondale/anything etc...

Can't really think right now but yeah.

RonH 02-25-09 07:59 PM

Welcome to BF.

Bikes sold on Bike Forums are sold only in the For Sale forum (farther down the main page).
Have you looked for a bike on --->
Ebay works too. That's where I bought my latest bike.

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