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John Ciccarelli 03-23-09 09:28 AM

Greetings from San Francisco
Greetings all -- I'm new on BikeForums as of today. I had found a thread on teaching adults how to ride (i.e. balance and pedal) for the first time -- a coaching service I provide -- and signed up so I could post a reply.

I live and work in San Francisco, where I'm an independent transportation planning, design, infrastructure and safety consultant specializing in bicycling and walking -- my firm is Bicycle Solutions. I'm a League Cycling Instructor (a bicycle driver education instructor certified by the League of American Bicyclists through its SmartCycling program). I help out with the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition's thriving education program.

My riding mostly consists of "point A to B" utility trips, by bike and combined with bike-friendly SF Bay Area transit (BART, Caltrain, Amtrak Capitol Corridor). My usual around-town ride is a well-worn Brompton T-5 folder, supplemented by a vintage Koga-Miyata hybrid. For extra capacity I use a BicycleR Evolution "Shopper" trailer.

I look forward to browsing and contributing to BikeForums.

East Hill 03-23-09 02:55 PM

Hello John, I take it you are car free? Do visit the regional Northern California forum--there are many, many members in your part of the world.

Welcome to BikeForums!

East Hill

John Ciccarelli 03-30-09 09:58 AM

East Hill -- Thanks for the pointer to the Northern California forum.

No, I'm not car-free, but certainly car-lite. My wife and I have just one car, and many days it sits in the garage of our apartment. Living in a real city with very frequent transit makes this possible -- in addition to my street cycling confidence, of course. Plus, we're both ZipCar members (subscription car-sharing, "Wheels When You Want Them") and with the density in our district there are two ZipCar pods within 10 blocks, for the rare times when I need a car or truck and she's driving the one we own.

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