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Cokehead 06-14-09 09:28 AM

Hello from CT
I'm forty something and a bit soft in the middle. I like riding but don't care for the sore bum and numb hands. That is leading me to uss recumbents. I've only rode one recumbent, a BikeE without suspension for about 15 minutes. Maybe I should of bought it but it did not have the uss either. I've been searching the net and found a Linear. Problem is it is 404 miles one way to check it out. I toyed with the idea of having it shipped to me but I'm reluctant to put the money on the line for something I've never tried. Anyone out there with a Linear 1.0 that can give me the low down. If there is anyone within a reasonable distance of Mystic, CT that would care to let me try riding a Linear or bike that is similiar that would be great. I have a Dahon folder 6 speed with 20 tires and a diamond frame tandem with 26 inchers that got a bit rusty. (I took it on my boat and it got sprayed with salt water.) Jonathan of Mystic, CT

hendrick81 06-15-09 02:19 PM

Welcome to bike forums...

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