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DenveScubaSteve 07-06-09 01:52 PM

Shoutout from Denver well emm Thornton Colorado
Hey all!

I've been browsing around the forum the past few weeks and though that I might as well join up.
There is a ton of info on here and most of the main questions are answered!

I've been riding since I was a kid, learned a bunch of maintenance in boy scouts and pretty much take care of anything that comes up. I live about 13-14 miles away from work and have started to ride in. I've made the commitment to ride in at least 1 day a week, though we will see about that once the weather starts getting nasty.

After many years of crap target/toys-r-us bikes, I currently have 2 bikes.
1) Cannondale M400 which I picked up for $50, just needed tuning and tires. I put slicks (26x1.65) on it and us this as my current commuter. $50 was well worth it. It's a little big but not really a problem for on road riding
2) This one may stump many of you but here is my second bike, This is what it says on the bike. Pacific, Premier, 12 Speed Touring. I have not been able to find much information on it but it's ok looks like a late 70s early 80 bike, I got it for free so couldn't really pass that up. I do want a newer road bike because this one is a 60cm, I'm on 5'10" and measure for a 54 bike. One day.... one day..

Anywho - Thanks for all of your wonderful input and contribution to bikeforum, it is very helpful.

CbadRider 07-06-09 07:53 PM

Welcome to the forum!

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