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sprintbass 07-11-09 03:46 PM

sprintbass LAKEWOOD OHIO
hey all.

im 36 years old. back in the 80s and 90s i rode quite alot..i moved to ohio in 2000 and the winters here throw you for a weight has gone way up and way down over the past 4 really like to make a serious cycling freind who wants to get out there. Rides fly by when you have good conversation..also when it gets cold here im going to be working out at the lakewood y...ill do weights there and spin it would be great to have a freind willing to go that route..

i dont know what i want from cycling right now...15 years ago it was easy because i wanted to win and do well..but now at 36 and with a family im more worried about my health than anything else, i want to drop my weight and keep it off..

also im a bass player..i started with cello and bass in 1984 when i was 11...i come from a classical arts family...i still play bass and i just bought a house with the perfect can be my musical studio and a play to get on a trianer...i can jack the music up all i want to now! If i made a freind who played a music instrument and wanted to come over and hang out and play that would be currantly riding a cannondale f4 MTB...but, im getting a specialized allez with all shimano 105 on it...gonna buy it from spin my local bike shop drop me a line...perhaps we can get some sort of ride up and going or ride NOT IN ANY kind of shape right be where i was to how i am now is just embrassing..but, i know with the right people around you and support there is alot that can be done..perhaps one day ill be able to race love that and i miss im on here hoping that destiny will be positive and i can get going and make some freinds..yes im a big cycling freak and i can tell you who won the tour de france all the way before merckx..BUT im artistic as well and i love that world..the last thing i am is one sided!

jmio 07-11-09 05:53 PM

welcome to the forums, I live in Maumee but used to be stationed in Cleveland. Go to the bike shop called spin, its my favorite. They have group rides, a lot of knowledge and experience there, you should be able to meet many cyclists.

sprintbass 07-13-09 12:50 AM

hey thanks
yeah ive met gary

he seems a very nice guy...and my specialized allez is comming from hoping to get that going by agust i said i do have a pretty nice MTB..but im only using that on the dirt around lakewood..i think if i find the right people and so on ill do very well..have not heard from anyone as of yet but im sure i will...maumee where you live is where all UPS things go before they come into it a big place>?

Gromulus 07-17-09 09:16 AM

A belated "welcome" from another NE Ohio newbie! I am a bit older than you and have also recently gotten back into biking. I live on the other end of town in Lake County (close to Chardon). Lots of pretty riding in these areas although you do have to work around the winter months (and the sometimes inconsiderate drivers).

Another vote for Spin Bike Shop. I have never been to the (main) Lakewood store but I do frequent their east side Willoughby one. The owner's father-in-law (Don) runs the Willoughby store and is a great guy. I bought my CAAD9 from Eddy's in Willoughby Hills but really prefer the attention and honesty at Spin. We bought my Kona and wife's Specialized from them and I use them for all my service work.

sprintbass 07-20-09 02:00 PM

hello chardon person
hi there.

yeah gary is ok..the lakewood shop is like a ballroom...beautiful inside...they are only 2 miles away from me on madison...i bought a house in lakewood and have been moving all weekend..i dispise moving but i think this time its finally worth it...ive got a full basement with a toilet in it and sink and its under ground so i can get on the trianer this winter and have all things at my disposil...i even have a half fridge down there!

im 36 and the past 17 years of my life have been in apartments and rented spaces...quakry tennants and renters..odd ball name it..i couldnt even use my indoor 2 years ago because the apt i lived in, even at 3 pm in the middle of the day the guy is downstairs banging on the celing acting like he owns the place...he yelled at my kid once and it was all i could do to go down there and teach him how to act like short renting sucks.

My new allez is on order..i should have it this week comming..ill pay for it on the first because ive had to take all my monnies and put it in the move and house..some would say its a bad time to get a bike..but i think its the BEST time because you get a deal on 09 models..and i rode a 2010 model and they are identical..i like the 09 better because its pretty..the 10 is black and white..looks like cleveland on a cold day...

thanks for your welcome..i hope that once im moved in and settled i can put my energies back into walking everynight with my daughter and my greatdane/english mastiff her 3 weeks ago..she pulled me like a tug boat!! i was telling my cycling freind i need to just tie her up and let her pull me up hills! she is the most powerful dog ive eber owned..but under all that she is sweet as can be..she comes and checks on you and sits and loves to be near people..she also tollerates my bass playing:) but 26 years of doing it i can say its not that bad:)

couch_incident 07-20-09 02:30 PM

I'm going to ride the Rocky River Metro parks this weekend. PM me if you are interested. I'm most likely going to ride my hybrid with another budy on a mountain bike.


couch_incident 07-20-09 02:31 PM


Originally Posted by jmio (Post 9261095)
welcome to the forums, I live in Maumee but used to be stationed in Cleveland. Go to the bike shop called spin, its my favorite. They have group rides, a lot of knowledge and experience there, you should be able to meet many cyclists.

This! I got my Kona Dew from them a few years ago. It's a very cool bike shop with very cool people there.


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