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Red PeuJoe 07-28-09 02:40 PM

Hello Everyone
Hello Folks,

I am getting back into cycling after 22 years without serious involvement.

Sure, I have had days in Dalby Forest mountain biking on my '97 Stumpjumper Pro but I am now going to get back into road biking again.

My bike is an '86 Peugeot Mont Cenis in Red with chrome forks. Super Vitus 980 with Mavic GP4 wheels.

I saved up as a spotty 14 year old kid for it. It cost 399 pounds and as a paperboy I got between 2 and 8 a week.

Eventually I had saved up enough money to buy it and rode it every day with my peloton in Pickering, North Yorkshire, UK.

I used to race 10 mile time trials.

Anyway that's enough about me.

CbadRider 07-28-09 08:09 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums. Do you have any photos of your bike?

hendrick81 07-28-09 08:19 PM

Welcome to bike forums...

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