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Partick 07-31-09 12:48 AM

Greeting from Fresno, CA
Hello people, my name is Partick from Fresno, CA. I ride my very old, beat up ~1980 Raleigh Reliant all around town and up and down friant road. I'm not exactly experienced in cycling, but I have been riding all of my life, and over the last two years I have been getting more and more serious about biking. Most likely if you are in the area and see a guy on an old, red bike speeding down shaw avenue then thats me!

Siu Blue Wind 07-31-09 12:56 AM

Hey Partick welcome to Bike Forums!! I'm from the Bay Area (Contra Costa) and want to let you know that in our Regional forum (I see you already have been there) you are more than welcome to join in on one of the rides!

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