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JtWo 08-05-09 11:57 PM

hello :]
Hello I'm Jon, but you can call me J-Two haha. I work in Milpitas and live in San Jose. I'm just a short filipino guy that likes to have a good time :] I kinda used to ride BMX's but I'm slowly getting into this whole fixed gear thing. One of my workers used to be a cyclist and gave me his old nishiki(atleast thats what he said it was) road bike that I plan on painting and converting it.

can anyone confirm if my current bike is a nishiki or not? also are my wheels tubular?

Little Darwin 08-06-09 06:41 AM

Welcome to the forums!

Don't you trust the guy who gave you the bike to be honest??? :D

Seriously though, with that picture, it might be hard to get an identification, but if you head over the Classic & Vintage, there might be someone who could help you out. Also they could guide you to what details to look for.

hendrick81 08-06-09 07:14 PM

Welcome to bike forums...

JtWo 08-07-09 11:57 AM

thanks for the welcomes and advice!

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