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eyeash 08-06-09 10:56 PM

Greetings GT Pro Perfromer
I never thought this would become such a big forum. My buddy told me I should come here and introduce myself and let people know that I am not able to ride anymore and yet I have a pro performer from the 80s and i should give it to someone who cares about this product. I am going to put this on ebay but i thought I would allow you the privilege of getting first crack at it.

RonH 08-07-09 07:13 AM

ebay? Why not try craigslist first? No shipping.

hendrick81 08-07-09 09:09 PM

Welcome to bike forums...

hendrick81 08-07-09 09:10 PM

Luv the bike...I had one as a kid...miss it...

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