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88txaggie 08-07-09 08:25 PM

Hi all - Currently I ride a Specialized Sequoia endurance road bike and just finished my first RAGBRAI with my husband. I've ridden since 1993; bought a bike to get rid of the last 5 pounds of a 30 pound weight loss (for my 10 year HS reunion - you can do the math:rolleyes:). Bought it off the rack at a sports store, convinced I'd only last 3 weeks. Did everything after work on that bike - grocery store, mall, etc. Ended up with 1000 miles in less than a year, found out how motivating an odometer can be.

Then progressed to a Cannondale Hybrid - did not want a road bike, looked so uncomfortable to me! Commuted to grad school on the hybrid. Began to ride organized rides, completed my first MS150 (Houston to Austin) on that bike. Finally let my husband convince me to try a road bike (drug my feet, so sure I would HATE the bike position). For once he was right :)

We did RAGBRAI without kids, but are now very serious about getting our kids out there - what a great way to see the country! We have 6 and 9 year old boys - the 9 year old has done organized rides on his own bike, so with training should be able to do parts of multi-day rides. We want to get a tandem for dad and the little one, which is what has led me to this forum.

CbadRider 08-07-09 08:45 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums! It looks like you've accomplished quite a lot on your bike. Check out the Tandem forum for more information on those bikes.

We also have a Women's forum that you are eligible to have access to after you have been posting here for a month. Send a PM to Siu Blue Wind (administrator) to get access.

hendrick81 08-07-09 08:55 PM

Welcome to bike forums...

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