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csm37bde 08-20-09 09:06 AM

New to biking and the forum.....
Hey guys. I'm new to biking and the forum. Reading this forum is such a great motivator! I'm a Clydesdale and over 50 (59 actually). My wife and I started riding last summer using a couple of retail bikes. This summer we bought two Globe Hybrids with 700x38 wheels at our LBS. They were very helpful in fitting us to the right bikes. Rode in a 25 miler recently in the very hilly Cuyahoga Valley area here in Ohio and we felt great once done. Next year will be even easir onc ethe weight comes off. I retired from the Army in 1999 and put on a lot of weight. Now that we are riding on a regular basis and the rides are getting longer the weight is starting to come off. I've read a lot of the forum and it is a great motivator for me. Us fat/old (6'1 and 270) guys can still get out there.

RonH 08-20-09 12:18 PM

Welcome to BF.

59 is not old! I'm 64 and still a kid. :innocent:

After you get the weight off you'll be trading those Globes for FAST road bikes. :beer:

And stop by the 50+ forum and say hello to the "old farts". :twitchy:

CbadRider 08-20-09 01:12 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums. I bet those new hybrid bikes feel great compared to your old ones. Congrations on the 25 miles, too!

hendrick81 08-20-09 03:33 PM

Welcome to bike forums...

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