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gr8gorilla 08-21-09 07:33 AM

My Introduction (gr8gorilla)
I am relatively new to road biking. I am a runner normally and sustained a very nice calf injury several months ago. Being the hardcore running junkie I am, I thought I would just run through the pain, which I did for a few weeks, then it started to feel like an icepick was being jammed into my calf. Thats when I decided to lay off it for a while. I borrowed a bike, a hybrid to start with. I started riding. That was a few months ago. I tried to run again, too soon, and re-injured the calf. Monday I went to the local bike shop, and bought a brand new '08 model Fuji Team Pro, road bike with all Ultegra parts except for rear derailleur, it is Dura Ace. I think the crank is FSA. I made a commitment to ride to work every day. So far it has been good. I invested in the bike, and a nice Crumper Mahoubar messenger bag, to do my shopping and carry a change of clothes to work.

So far I am loving the biking, I plan to get into some races later this year, when I get my mileage up. The biggest change for me from running is the lactic burn in my quads. I don't get the powerful oxygen debt like running but the trade off is the lactic burn in the quads. By next year I hope to compete in some Bi's and maybe a Tri if I can find some time to swim.

Jynx 08-21-09 08:28 AM

very nice bike and good luck with the progress. a lot of people here used to run and switched to cycling due to a previous injury.

CbadRider 08-21-09 08:54 AM

Welcome to Bike Forums. You might want to check out the Commuting and Triathlon forums.

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