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petericeman 08-23-09 06:07 AM

new bke,new hobby
hi guys, ive also just realized im supposed to introduce myself.Im new to cycling having been a runner for years i developed a hamstring problem which prevented me running for a while so i bought a carerra vulcan bike with sram 24 gears from Halfords.I had a few problems with the gears at first & the chain was coming off so ive had the bike back & they changed it.The new bike is great & i am just running it in before it gets its 6 week check & set up.I have had the chain come off again a couple of times but otherwise its great but can someone tell me this:i feel that i have to push the chain ring shifter too far to get the the front gears to change up 1.2,3.Is this normal? the bike guy from Halfords says it is with sram gears,but to me it sometimes takes a couple of go's before it will go into 3rd.Thanks & its nice to meet you all.

AndrewP 08-23-09 06:28 AM

Save this website in your favourites for all your bike adjustment and fixing needs. The cable housings bed down into their stops during the first rides, so you have to do a little bit of tightening on the shifter cables to compensate. Then you wont have to do any more adjustment until it is time to replace the cables. Unless you are riding through mud or soft sand you will find the bike rides faster with smooth tires. However this can wait till the current ones are wearing out.

petericeman 08-25-09 09:34 AM

Thanks for the info Andrew.Is it normal for the chain to come off tho?Peter.

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