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Lake Geneva 10-30-09 06:41 AM

Hi from Switzerland
I live within a couple of miles of Lake Geneva which also happens to be one of my goals to cycle around as it is just over 100 miles.

I am not far off 50 and having ened up in hospital earlier this year it kind of changed my life. Turns out I had internal injuries from a car accident almost some seven years ago which my body had been trying to self heal but finally it was too much. Six hours of surgery basically save my life and now I am well on the road to recovery. Had a couple of set backs with infection but most of that was due to me, not staying put and wanting to get out and excercise.

I took cycling back up as a way to lose weight and get fit but most importantly I also enjoy it. I live in a fantastic place surronded by moutains and a great lake, it is the ultimate play ground. When I first got out on my bike I kept stopping and looking at the jaw dropping scenry and still find it hard to believe I now live in this picture postcard place.

Looks like there is a place for us bigger guys on this forum as well, I was 275 lbs when I left hospital six months ago, I am now down to 235 lbs so it is going in the right direction.

I currently ride a Cube Curve hybrid bike which is a cheap hack but I really like it, I also have a Cube peleton which has yet to come out of the box. I guess my big lesson in physics is also those extra lbs make me real slow up those climbs.

That is it for now, will post more on othe threads, but just to say thanks for all the great info on here.

old and new 10-30-09 07:55 AM

Hi Lake Geneva and WELCOME !
Seems like you're on the mend and on track. A wimpy bike will suit you fine.
I've been down a similar path as far as weight and a hybrid was in order and yes I too had a racey one packed-up for a spell. Have a nice, it'll be hard not to there.

Amoxicillin 10-30-09 08:45 AM

Greetings from Bāle et bienvenue dans le forum :) keep on riding. I'd wish I had a lake to cycle around. I just have the Rhine ;)

CbadRider 10-30-09 10:05 AM

Welcome to Bike Forums, and congratulations on the weight loss! You might also want to check out the Hybrid bike forum, too.

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