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CrazyIvan 11-15-09 11:26 AM

Newbie from the Tampa Area
I'm into physical conditioning in different forms, unlike some that are hardcore camp followers, I prefer to cross train with weight training and HPV's such as a road bicycle and trikkes. I do not wear clothes to promote one form of exercise or another.
I posted on another thread if anyone checked out the "StreetStrider" a unique HPV that is propelled by arms and legs in an upright position. It was used on the "Biggest Loser" TV show. Unlike bicycles this thing gives a full body workout and can reach speeds of 25+ MPH.

CbadRider 11-15-09 04:17 PM

Welcome to Bike forums. I have not seen the StreetStrider, but I have seen the ElliptiGo.

What kind of bike do you ride?

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