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Ron_J 12-26-09 10:55 AM

Merry Christmas from Manitoba!
Greetings forum members,

I followed a few links from a post on our cycling club website and here I am! Looking forward to some interesting threads and a new way to keep the cycling enthusiasm going through another long cold Canadian prairie winter (just finished snow blowing my driveway :)).

I've just turned 50, have been cycling more seriously for about 6 seasons now and I love connecting with other cycling enthusiasts and sharing the love of the sport.



10 Wheels 12-26-09 11:19 AM

Welcome Ron to BF.
Many stories here.
What bike do you ride?

10 Wheels 12-26-09 11:30 AM

The Lake of The Woods Tour had some nice pics.

Ron_J 12-27-09 01:28 AM

Hi 10 Wheels,

I ride a Colnago with SRAM Force components for club/road riding and a Redline 925 with a flip fop hub for commuting/fetching the groceries. Thanks for the link to the slide show, looks like a great tour.


Originally Posted by 10 Wheels (Post 10190389)
Welcome Ron to BF.
Many stories here.
What bike do you ride?

old's'cool 12-27-09 06:18 PM

Hi Ron!

I'm a newb here also. I grew up in Winnipeg and did my first fairly serious biking there before moving to BC to start university. See my thread on this forum "Hello from Fort Collins" for more about me and my bikes". Sounds like you're in a league ahead of me, currently I just ride for utilitarian purposes such as commuting and shopping, but I like to go fast while I'm at it.

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