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Guitar_clock 12-27-09 06:50 AM

Here's my introduction!!

My name is Rob and I come from Buffalo, NY. These are my babies:

a 1970s era female Huffy cruiser bike (singlespeed with coaster brake) I overhauled and painted, it has 26" fat tires,

a yellow Raleigh Record from the 1970s that is a 10-speed road bike with 27" wheels,

and a blue Raleigh Super Grand Prix from the late 1970s that I converted from a 10-speed to a single-speed fixed gear. (since then I've put on a front brake)

I have a frame of an old Huffy road bike, but that's gonna get scrapped. Or, who knows, I might tune it up and sell it.

Every time I google something bike related I find eventually some archived post. This place must be big! Well. Cheers!


10 Wheels 12-27-09 06:54 AM

Welcome Rob to Bike Forums:
Nice bikes and pics.

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