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brawny 12-30-09 10:35 AM

Old Clydesdale from Exeter, Ontario
Hi folks!

I'm new to the forum, but I've been browsing for a few days now, and thought it was about time I joined.

My wife and I are Clydesdales, but have enjoyed biking for years. (It's how we met 10+ years ago, and we haven't been apart for more than a couple days since!).

We did a fair bit of singletrack trail riding when we were younger, but now we're mostly roadies, as the uneven terrain is hard on my wife's knees. We've ridden pretty much every rail trail/bike trail in Southwestern Ontario, and quite a few of the many quiet paved side roads as well.

We also go for one loaded tour every year - typically for a week - around Ontario somewhere. This year I have bigger aspirations, and hope to do more 2-4 day tours. I'm about to purchase a new LHT from our LBS, and I'm just reading up on them in the touring forum before I take the plunge.

We also do a couple of the MS charity rides in Ontario every year as tour leaders. This year past was our 10th year.

I'm also a bike commuter, doing about 20k a day (round trip). Other years I've ridden from April 1st (my own private April Fools joke on myself!) until around Halloween. This year, due to a local transit strike, and because the weather was still OK, I kept riding until last week. (Minus 15C I can deal with, but the snow can be treacherous!) I haven't put my bike away yet, in hopes that I can still get out for a ride or two.

I look forward to some great discussions, and learning lots from everyone here - and I'll help out where I can.


10 Wheels 12-30-09 11:03 AM

Hello Brawny, Welcome to Bike Forums.
LHT are very good bikes.
I got cold yesterday riding in 46* temps.

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