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Blazerwolf 01-07-10 08:31 PM

Blazerwolf, Garland, TX.
Hi Folks,

My name is Blazerwolf! I live in Garland, TX. I'm 62 years old and just started riding in May of 09. The last time I was on a bicycle was 1963. I decided to take up cyclingafter a friend told me how he had lost over a 100 lbs nd that his bike saved his life. I took that to heart as I too was over weight and felt I was going to wind up having a stroke if I didn't do something to get the weight off.

I was 280 lbs and had tried to lose weight for over a year and nothing helped. I went to my LBS and bought a new 09 Redline Monocog 29er, Single Speed with a 21" frame. I changed the knobby tires for Schwalbe Big Apples, put on some disc brakes and made a few other changes and started riding.

I spent a couple of weeks just riding around the block until I got used to riding again. Then I started a regular work out schedule with riding one mile a day for the first week, then two miles a day for the second week and so on until I could ride ten miles a day. By the time christmas came around I was down to 220 lbs. and I too think that my new best friend saved my life as well. I will post some photos of my bike as I get around on this forum.


10 Wheels 01-07-10 08:35 PM

Welcome Blazer to Bike Forums.
Great work on the weight loss.

Dannihilator 01-07-10 10:30 PM

Welcome to the site.

CbadRider 01-07-10 10:41 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums. Congratulations on your weight loss!

Jtgyk 01-07-10 11:49 PM

Hey there Blazerwolf!
And Welcome!

Make sure to visit the "Texas" forum under Regional discussions, too.
There's some info on local rides and trails.

I'm in Richardson.

RonH 01-08-10 08:51 AM

Welcome Blazerwolf. Congrats on the weight loss. :beer: Many of us (including me) have lost lots of weight after getting back on the bike.

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