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campagnolo kid 02-05-10 11:21 PM

G'day from Canberra Australia

I'm a 47 y.o. male who loves riding fixed bikes for shortish distances on non-windy days (as I'm lazy) when there's no water on the local cycle paths (so my Brooks B17 Champion Sprinter doesn't get wet) and enjoying the 'scenery'.

I have a few basic tools but try not to have too many things on my bike so that I can climb quickly with not many things that can go wrong with my bike and few parts that can wear out.

I own a custom made lugged Llewellyn frame (Columbus EL), with Prugnat window lugs, Cinelli English BB shell, Campagnolo dropout set, Nagasawa fork crown, track height BB shell, Rivendell lugged stem, Japanese crested steel road bars (can't read name as cork over it at the moment), Keywin pedals with titanium axles, Campi C Record track cranks and sealed BB, Ruffy Tuffy Tyres, Mavic Open Pro rims, Brooks B17 Champion Sprinter saddle, Campi seat closure pin, Campi Record carbon fibre seat post, Campi SR brakes with white hoods and the hole pattern on the levers, Campi track hubs, 120mm rear spacing, 2 tone paint job - vermillion frame with what was meant to be an ultramarine headtube (but just looks like a standard deep blue).

I'd love to hear of anyone who has a Campi Super Record 2 bolt seat post they can part with in 26.8 (for my wife's MTB) or a 27.2 for mine - the carbon one was for my son's track bike, but he gave it away so I inherited it. I'd like NOS really.

I want this post so my Brooks Chapion Sprinter can't be nicked from my bike and the Brooks Swift can't be removed from my wife's MTB.

I'm converting my wife's Schwinn MOAB into a lighter more shopping friendly, faster street type machine. Can't justify cost of a road bike for her as she's reluctant to ride regularly and finding the new Swift I've put on her bike hard on her **** and undercarriage. I've added a Tubus Cosmo (which arrived unexpectedly in titanium rather than Stainless steel). You have to have a win once in a while.

I buy from eBay but find there are plenty of rogues out there and that "It's "cheaper for a reason."


10 Wheels 02-06-10 07:01 AM

Welcome Steve to Bike Forums.
Post some pics of your bikes sometime.

Thanks for joining.

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