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samba 02-08-10 11:01 AM

New kid on the block :)
Aloha! I'm 25 year old humanoid from Croatia, small country on the road to nowhere. Beside bike i love my bass guitar & i love to do bodyweight fitness... and some other stuff..
I do not have a bike 3 years already and I miss cycleing so much.....:cry:
Hope that soon I will be able to buy something like Cube SL Comp or Kona Jake the Snake, depends on money...
I was bike addict, used to ride for 5-6 hours per day.. and I miss that freedom when you hit the road in some unknown direction....! Altough I don't have so much spare time right now as I used to have (work grrrrrr...:notamused:) but could definitely arrange one day trip per week and 2 week trip once per year.. Wish I will get my bike soon....
Anyway, looking foward to meet some of you biking humanoids to learn from you, and to spend some quality time with you! Cheers!:thumb:

CbadRider 02-08-10 03:02 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums!

How is the cycling in Croatia? Is it a very cycling-friendly country?

samba 02-15-10 05:28 AM

No it is not, unfortunatly poeple seem to recognize us not as equivalnent but rather as some kind of bullys. Bike culture is on very low level indeed and there is also a high crime rate on bikes. It is inpossibile to leave a bike somewere and find it afterwards... Hope that things will change someday :)

rumrunn6 02-15-10 07:32 AM

no bije at all? get any bike at all! :-)

welcome to the pack!

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