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Ken_in_Michigan 08-19-04 10:22 PM

Michigan Rail-trail riders
Hi, my wife, Judy, and I are avid rail-trail riders, with one exception so far all our riding has been in Michigan. We have been riding two BikeE ATs, but are waiting the delivery of the two Rans V-Rexs :) We bought recumbent bikes because Judy lost both collar bones due to radiation treatments for cancer 18 years ago and riding on a DF (old fashioned "safety bikes") resulted in pain both while riding and for hours afterward. On the recumbent there is no pain. :D We have been riding the BikeEs since we purchased them in March '02. We decided recently that we should get recumbents that are more tour orientated and after looking around the Rans V-Rex seems to fit our needs best, so we ordered two.

When we are not riding I an an adjunct professor of history for Kellogg Community College.

We are thinking of taking some time off this winter and spending time in Florida or other warmer states south of here.

outashape 08-20-04 12:23 AM

Hello and welcome. While it's been a few years since I've have cycled on the Kal-Haven, Spring Lake, Musketawa and the Grand Haven to South Haven Trail, you do have nice scenery on that side of the state. Some of the snow birds in our bike club spend their winter months in Florida. They all carry little wisk brooms on their bikes so they can stop and clean up any debris on the trail.

MichiganMike 08-20-04 02:02 PM

Those are all nice trails. The Kal-Haven is getting better since it was turned over to the local communities. They charge $3.00 now, but it's worth it as the trail is much improved. I am wrestling over my yearly bike trip that I like to take. Last year I rode up the coast from New Buffalo MI to Mackinaw City. It's a nice ride, and I enjoyed it, and will probably do it again. But, I have also been looking at possibly riding up to Muskegon and taking the new ferry from Muskegon to Milwaukee, then riding up to Manitowoc and taking the older Badger Ferry back to Ludington. I'd then ride back from Ludington to St. Joseph. I'm a plow horse, not a race horse on the bike so I just plug away. Last year when I took my trip, I rode the Hart-Montague trail as a portion. Met some very nice people on the trail, and went through some cool asparagus farms. I'd recommend that trail too. It's a nice paved surface.

outashape 08-21-04 12:21 AM

Guess I'm driving on over to Lake Michigan tomorrow morning. Got reservations at Grand Haven State Park for the next few days so I'll be on some of the bike trails. My plans were to hook up with some members of the League of Michgan Bicyclists who were planning next year's Shoreline West Tour. However, while I was online, my husband just happened to mention that he was on vacation this coming week. So..I get to cycle with him. Can't wait to sleep on the beach and hear the waves all night long. I only have a tent and will be squished by all the RV's, but I'll just close my eyes. Would love to take the Badger over to Wisconsin.

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