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pilatesfanatic 08-22-04 07:06 AM

Hello from Pa.
Hi I am new to the forums, been lurking for a few months.
I am originally a runner, who bikes, but have become a biker who runs. Started running 8 yrs ago, after having a transplant.
Had my first "real bike"(cannondale WSD) a few years ago, got the bug to do a tri. first time out on the road, fell broke arm very badly. sold it to get a "cyclocross-bianchi axis, as the husband blamed the bike, not me :eek: (it was so beautiful, blue...) so stuck to the running, ran 2 marathons, still love running, but kept breaking a chip off the left ankle, finally developed tendonitis, went to a PT who was a cyclist, and got back into it. Got a new cannondale, R1000, which I absolutely love, still got the cyclocross, for winter and rainy days.. So now I am back to doing both, tho just friday, fell again on that ankle, and the doc and I have talked about just taking the bone chip out, as every time it starts to heal, I break it off, so enough is enough.Right now I am riding between 60-80miles/week, and running 10-15. Haven't joined the local clubs yet, need to , as I don't really ride w/anyone here, and whole family things I am crazy and obsessed. nah, not moi! also do pilates, thus the name, and just decided to stick w/the same name.

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