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Caldwell 08-24-04 04:50 PM

Central New York hills
Been on the same bike since 1973. I waited long enough now I find out it's a classic and still worth something. All I know is I ride it over our hills and around the lakes and I love it. I did spoil myself with a couple of testrides recently and I think a new bike is in the wings. Everyone should bike, it would solve a lot of problems. See you on the road.

geneman 08-24-04 04:52 PM

central NY = where? What lakes?


Caldwell 08-24-04 05:18 PM

Tully, south of Syracuse. Cazenovia is 48 mile round trip, Skaneateles 52, other small ones in between. But all hilly!! The old legs aint what they used to be. Just got back into more mileage this summer.

geneman 08-24-04 05:21 PM

Rock (or pedal) on!!!


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