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swargate 08-26-04 02:01 PM

Hi from Vienna, VA
Hi Folks,
I'm new to this forum. I am looking to buy my first bike, however, don't want to do that without educating myself on some basics. I have ridden bikes before, however, it was abroad and the bikes were different. If anybody can point me to some websites where I can get some information prior to making a purchase, I will really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance for any help and I look forward to contributing what I learn back to these forums.


Geezer 08-26-04 04:37 PM

What kind of riding will you be doing, road, or off-road? If you plan to do a lot of riding, get the best-quality bike you can afford, regardless of type. If you are only an occasional rider, an inexpensive bike should be fine. Rather than go to a website, you may want to visit some local bike stores and ask questions there. Don't buy a bike at the first one you visit, because the stores don't have a full range of manufacutrers; most specialize in three or four brands, & will try to sell you what they have.

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