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mmp13 04-14-10 06:12 AM

Hello from Buffalo, NY
Hello from sunny Buffalo NY. Well I have been lurking here for a while and posted a couple of times so I figured I should introduce myself.

I rode bikes when I was a young lad all over the place since that was the only way to get around. I stopped for a time when I got the license and about 3 years ago decided it was time to regroup, start riding again and get healthier. I am 5’ 8” and maxed out at 240 lbs. before I decided I might die. Blood pressure was high, cholesterol was through the roof (I think that a chicken jumped into the tube when they drew my blood) and I was just generally unhealthy. That was three years ago before I got back on the bike. I rode for a while and then I got busy once my wife and I bought our house and the bike riding went to the wayside. So last summer I started again pretty heavily and I have not stopped since. I am now 175 lbs with a few more to loose. My cholesterol and blood pressure is under control and last month for the first time in my adult life my doctor actually called me healthy. I ran in my first 5K this past weekend too.

My progression has been gradual starting with the biking on a comfort bike, eating better and then riding the bike more to drop more pounds. Basically I have changed my lifestyle. I hang out in the commuting forum most of the time because that is what I am trying to do more of now. That really is for no other reason than I like riding and it is a nice way to get a 24-26 mile ride in during the week. I am lucky since I guess that I am “top dog” in the small company that I work for so I really do not have a start time or anything like that so there is really no excuse for me not to ride. Well the owner is top dog but he is rarely ever there.

I still have my Fuji Crosstown comfort bike that I turned into a grocery getter. I made a deal with my wife though that when I got 1000 miles on that bike I was going to buy something “nicer”. That happened at the end of last summer and in October my wife bought me a Specialized Tricross Sport Triple for my birthday and Christmas. I almost have 1000 miles on that bike now.

My wife was also heavy before as well and has made the change with me. She has decided though to become a runner more than a cyclist but we both enjoy doing the other’s sport as well. She rides with me and I run with her.

At any rate, that is my story and that has ended me up here gathering tips and tricks and just general information. This is a great forum.


Deathmobile 04-14-10 06:45 AM

Good to see another Buffalonian around here, and congratulations on the lifestyle changes. I'm pretty much in the same boat, in that bicycling helped me lose a bunch of weight and that I did so in the WNY area. Happy ridings!

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