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cannonjoe 04-15-10 05:25 AM

Hello from Rochester, NY!
New to the forum...please be gentle! Have been riding casually/recreation for a very long time. I find as I get older I like to ride more and more, cant figure out why, but just do? Great excerise, healthy, keeps mind and sole all in all not a bad thing, right! We RV as much as possibe in the summer and allways take the bikes to ride.

I just purchased a 2010 Cannondale Quick CX FS and LOVE it!!!! Upgraded/changed from a 2003 Gary Fisher Persido "comfort bike".

10 Wheels 04-15-10 05:42 AM

Welcome to Bike Forums.
RV less, Bike ride more.

New bikes are so fun.

Suzie Green 04-16-10 10:36 AM

Welcome to the forum! Rochester is a nice area, my son went to RIT and I always enjoyed the city when we went out to visit. Enjoy the new bike and hope you get to put on lots of miles! :)

Tude 04-28-10 09:08 AM

Just saw this! If you need any ride info for this area, trails, etc - I'm a member of three clubs here - road and off road and have the access!


hendrick81 05-02-10 08:40 PM

Welcome to bike forums....

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