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strikeaholic 04-16-10 06:35 PM

Signed up a while ago, but just now got a bike to ride/work on.
Hi everyone! I posted an introduction last summer, but then winter came and I wasn't much on the bike scene. But now that the nice weather is back, it's time to ride! Here is my story of how I got to where I am now with my bicycle situation. I had a cheap GMC Denali road bike from Wal-mart that was decent, but then I got the urge to customize it and switch it to a ss/fg. Took it all apart and realized, I'd like an older bike with a more slim frame to convert and fix up instead. So I bought an old Schwinn Varsity from craigslist for $15. Got it all taken apart and half sanded but realized that it will need a new.... everything, basically ha. That will take time and money and I need a bike now, so I went back to craigslist and got this fixed Fuji Sports 10 for $160, which seemed like a reasonable price. I've already made a few changes and have more ideas in my mind for the near future.

GMC Denali not taken apart
GMC Denali taken apart

Schwinn after I bought it and got it home
Here is where it stands now, half sanded, needing to be finished, painted, and a crapload of new parts to be bought.

Here is my current ride. This picture was in it's ad on craigslist
Got it home, cleaned up a bit, fixed the handlebars

Painted the seat post, chopped some old handlebars and painted them. I plan on painting the crank and the fork, and stem black next when I can find time

Future plans for the Fuji: replacing the crank with something better and higher geared (current is 40t with 16t track cog), putting a white chain on it, better pedals (possibly with straps?), getting handlebar tape on (white or black?? I can't decide), throwing a front brake on... not too sure what else.

Thanks everyone for looking! I'm excited to meet some people and gain a lot of information on here, especially since a lot of this bicycle stuff is new to me.

RonH 04-16-10 07:31 PM

Welcome to BikeForums.
Nice bikes. Post pics when the Fuji is finished.

NCMTBIKER 04-16-10 09:08 PM

Welcome!!Nice bikes

strikeaholic 04-16-10 09:51 PM

Thanks guys, I'll be sure to keep updating!

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