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EBRAUB 04-20-10 08:27 AM

Hello from west central Illinois
Hi, I'm Elizabeth and I'll be riding the country farm roads of Illinois, about an hour NE of St. Louis. Haven't ridden much since high school, but I'm doing this to hang out with my kids and my sister more. I love watching pro cycling and I like the idea of riding long distance and touring the countryside.

10 Wheels 04-20-10 09:10 PM

Welcome Elizabeth to Bike Forums.

What bike do you ride?

EBRAUB 04-26-10 05:51 AM

I've narrowed it down between a 2009 2.3 WSD Trek and a 2010 Gary Fisher Ion Pro GS. They are both available at local shops. The GF fits better and has a double compact crank so I'm leaning towards that one. So many bikes, so little money....

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