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AirBoston 04-20-10 01:31 PM

Back in the saddle - North of Boston
I'm David. My wife and I used to do a lot of biking before and just after we got married. Two boys later and we let it slide. We just bought the youngest a new bike last summer so now he can ride greater distances along with his older brother (8 & 12). Our first outing was just a few miles up and back on the Minuteman bike path. Later in the summer we did a long ride up at Acadia park's carriage roads (full loop). Well, I've decided to get a new bike, one that more represents the riding we do now and some style. Just today I picked up my new Electra Super Deluxe. This should be just fine for the local bike paths and flatter roads my family prefer to ride. I find it's more comfortable than my older hybrid even with the new cushy seat and gel grips. Time to sell that one as I don't have the room for any more. I"m more into the retro thing anyway.

See y'all around.

10 Wheels 04-20-10 09:14 PM

Welcome David to Bike Forums.
Great that the whole family rides.

JeremyZ 04-21-10 12:42 PM

Welcome David.

I'm shopping for a European style commuter right now too. Electras are nice. They look super-heavy, and they're expensive, but it is hard to beat the comfort & functionality.

I'll probably go with something a little more affordable. (you can find the thread in the Commuting sub-forum)

See you around!

NCMTBIKER 04-22-10 02:53 PM

Welcome to BF!!

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