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VeganBeauty 04-22-10 08:28 AM

Road Cyclist from the "Buckeye State"

I live in Columbus, Ohio. I have a road bike that I bought last year from the Trek Store in Columbus. I love my bike and ride it at least three times a week. I average about 10 miles each ride, hoping to increase that soon.

Love the forum,

alicestrong 04-22-10 09:26 AM

Hey welcome to BF! :)

My lovely daughter is vegan, also...

MalcolmsFrejus 04-22-10 10:06 AM

Welcome to BF....
from up in Powell.

rich2912 04-23-10 08:59 PM

Welcome. I am from Powell. Still trying to find good routes around here as I'm new to the area.

gitarzan 04-23-10 09:04 PM


I'm from Columbus, too. Actually, there are a lot of Columbus riders on B.F.

However I'm not a vegan, I'm think I am an insectivore. I tend to eat them when riding. :(

NCMTBIKER 04-25-10 06:29 AM

Hello fellow roadie,Welcome to BF!!

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