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EastKY 08-30-04 09:29 PM

Two newbies from the Bluegrass State
57 yrs old male, here. My wife is 60, but looks much younger, oh yeah! We weight train on a regular basis and consider ourselves fairly fit and healthy for our ages. However, we didn't do any aerobic stuff on a regular basis. And, I hate to admit it, both of us smoked until about 4 months ago and we finally gave it up. A great decision by both of us, we feel sooooo much better even after only 4 months smoke-free. However.... the withdrawl “munchies” hit both of us very hard and we are each 10-15 lbs over our normal weight and are not happy about that aspect of giving up tobacco.

We decided something had to been done about it, we tried to reduce the caloric intake, but found that very difficult. So, our next approach was to burn more calories. But neither of us cares for running and walking seemed a slow way to get there. So, we thought “Bicycles!” The wife had a dusty X-mart MTB in the garage that I tuned up, but both found it a chore to ride. I then did some internet research, which gave me a basic understanding of what to look for in a bicycle, plus digested LOTS of info and good opinions here on bikeforums.

Result? This weekend we came home from our LBS with two Giant Cypress hybrid bikes and they are AWESOME! A joy to ride. It's only been 3 days with them, but we are truly “jazzed” about them and feel they'll not only allow us to burn some calories, but will open up a whole new realm for getting out there and enjoying life!

So, we'll see you out on the road and thanks to all you veterans for sharing all your knowledge with us newbies.

HappyTrails 08-31-04 02:38 AM

Welcome to the forum!
What a wonderful positive change for you both. My story is similar to yours. I was a "closet" or "social" smoker who exercised to offset the ill-effects of smoking. How delusional can you get? :rolleyes: I'm also returning to cycling after a layoff of several years and loving all of the health and social benefits of the sport. It's interesting to see that you selected a Giant Cypress. I ordered the SL just this past weekend from the LBS and now anxiously awaiting it's arrival! Good luck to you both and keep us posted.


EastKY 08-31-04 07:28 AM

Thanks, HappyT.... and congrats to you also for the positive change in your life. It is so nice to get that monkey off our backs. Hope you don't get the ”nibbles” like we did, we've turned into midnite snackers and fridge-raiders!

An SL on order? That's one sweet bike, there. Our LBS had one in stock and that was a fine looking bike. I liked the road bike look and composite components. I'm no expert and we looked at some Treks and Raleigh at 2 other LBS. But the ride and quality of our entry-level Cypress models has me very impressed with the Giant line. So I'm pretty confident you'll enjoy your SL. Now it's just the daggone wait for it to come in, eh?


ctyler 08-31-04 08:28 AM

First congratulation on quitting smoking. I finally did 2.5 years ago. I know how difficult it can be. All the time I rode in the 90s I smoked. How stupid.

Second congratulations on getting your bikes. You'll never regret it. Nothings better than getting on a bike and going for a ride. Just got back from a great ride this morning and feel soooooo good!

Cheers and good riding.

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