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cskofteland 06-11-10 08:35 AM

New to BikeForums; old to cycling
Hi. I joined the forums just a few days ago but have been riding pretty much all my life. I still own the 1984 Takara Deluxe Touring that was my 16th birthday present and have upgraded a few things on it (wheels, tires, saddle, handle bars, pedals). I use it now as my commuter (25 miles each way). My regular road bike is a 1999 Trek 5200T bought used a few years ago. It's in the process of being rebuilt and modernized. Lastly, I have a 1999 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR also bought used at the same time as the Trek. I do all my own mechanical work and have started to tune and fix the neighbors bikes.

Lately I've been riding mostly on the road on the Trek doing a nice 30 mile loop of rolling hills near the house with occasional longer rides throughout the County.

10 Wheels 06-11-10 11:16 AM

Welcome Christian to Bike Forums.
Nice intro.

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