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Roadie1221 06-11-10 10:25 AM

Tommasini frame - looking for info
Hi Folks,

New member here, having just discovered this forum looking for information on a Tommasini frame that I picked up recently. I've been riding for a long time but have preferred road for the last 10 years or so. Had an old '78 Nishiki, then '01 Cannondale R1000, then built up a NOS '99 Lemond Buenos Aires with Campy and picked up an '09 Cervelo RS last year.

Anyway, I just bought a used/NOS Tommasini frame that is apparently from early/mid 90's and was supposedly built up but only on display in a MidWest bike shop. Good shape with some handling and storage nicks in the black paint; no rust or damage. All steel with chromed steel fork, chrome chain and seat stays, internal routing for rear brake cable on top of top tube, cable guides on bottom bracket are raised steel ribs rather than a bolt on guide. The guy I bought it from thought it was a Tecnos made from Columbus EL. I'm thinking more like a Prestige or Super Prestige; it is very light btw. I have an email in to the factory looking for info but have not heard back yet. Bottom bracket shell is stamped with US on left and 223 44 on right. Any info or history that you can provide is greatly appreciated.

By the way, intent is to transfer the '01 Campy Chorus full alloy group (with changes as needed) from the Lemond to the Tommasini. Not sure if I should have the frame restored/resprayed though. Haven't had a chance to take photos yet either.

Again, thanks for any help - Cheers

Roadie1221 06-11-10 10:34 AM

Sorry fellow members but I just made a newbie mistake and posted this in the wrong forum. Anyway, just re-posted in the correct (I think) classics & vintage forum. Cheers.

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