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hikelite 07-19-10 08:07 PM

Greetings from Northern Arizona
I'm in Flagstaff, AZ. After several years of not riding my bike except a couple times to work, I finally committed to it this year during bike to work week. I'm still riding and loving every commute! For July I committed to not driving the entire month. So far, I've carpooled once because I had a flat and was running late.

I'm now in the market to build a commuter. I've modified my old Trek by adding fenders and putting on skinny road tires. I bought a computer and some new dual sided pedals (clips on one side, flats on the other). While I like this bike and it's providing much pleasure, I think it's too small for me.

I've been watching craigslist for several weeks for a good deal, but there just aren't any so far. Small town syndrome perhaps? I've recently started using Craigslook to expand my search geographically, but now I'm finding too many bikes! LOL I really want to get something I could tour on also.

Anyway, when I research different bikes I keep getting hits on this forum. I've read many posts and am really impressed by the great group of cyclists here! You guys (and girls) seem to be very friendly and helpful, so I decided I should setup and account and say hello. (I also wanted to be able to view pictures)

So.... Hello :)

If anyone has advice on finding/building a commuter on the cheap, I'm all ears.

Thanks to everyone for all the useful information posted here. I'm already loving these forums!

Dannihilator 07-19-10 08:13 PM

Welcome to the forums.

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