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cuzican 07-23-10 08:50 AM

And goodbye
After reading numerous threads in this forum I have concluded that most of the people here are a bunch of "we're better than everybody else because we are cyclist's" dicks.

I just realized that most of you would rather stereotype and cut people down instead of meet new people, help those out looking for advice, and learn about the way other people do things.

Thanks for confirming my initial impression that most cyclists are a bunch of eccentric ****** bags.

Please delete my account.

RonH 07-23-10 10:06 AM

Sorry to hear you're leaving. Most everyone here tries to be helpful, offer advice and encouragement, share knowledge, etc. Don't judge our 180,000+ members by the replies of a few. We try our best to keep them under control.

1nterceptor 07-23-10 10:21 AM

A few weeks is not enough time to get a real feel of how things are in BF.
I find that most people here are friendly and helpful. Some are trying to be
smarty pants with their replies at times(just joking around) and maybe you're
confusing that with rudeness.

abracapocus 07-23-10 10:31 AM

It looks like you've been in some volatile threads. Some topics just inspire heated debate. There is also a certain culture to message boards that takes some getting used to. You should hang around. There are definitely friendly helpful folks here.

Stealth'd 07-23-10 11:55 AM

if you hang around long enough you can be one of those eccentric ****** bags!!!

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