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Handelfan 07-26-10 05:53 PM

Greetings from California!
Hello All!

I am a 27 year old guy who lives on the California's lovely Central Coast, Atascadero to be exact. Disappointed that AMGEN didn't come to our county this year. I am a high school choral music teacher (I am enjoying all the riding I am getting to do now that it is Summer), and apart from cycling, I play a lot of instruments and sing, enjoy film, and hit the occasional golf ball around.

I have ridden bikes my whole life - rode BMX as a teenager, done a small amount of mountain biking, but over the past year I have been road biking. I enjoy being outdoors more than being in a gym, and cycling is my primary means of exercise. I weighed about 230 when I started (I am 6 ft tall), and I am around 210 now - though I am still large by cycling standards. My next goal is to get sub-200.

I have been around reading these forums for a while, there is a great wealth of knowledge to be gained here. Also, I've found that google searches bring up archived posts from these forums a lot - so it is always easy to find what you are looking for.

My current set-up is:

Cannondale Caad9 (2009 model) - red lettering on white frame. I started with red handlebar tape, I currently have white cork wrap, which looked amazing for about 2 days. I think I will go with black next - but the cork is definitely where it's at.
Shimano 9-speed Tiagra group - has been fine for me for at least 1000 miles so far.
Gearing: 52/39, 12-26. My LBS guy is changing out my small ring for a salsa 38 tooth, and the cassette for a 12-27, to give me a little more climbing ability.
Selle San Marco saddle - red and white.
Shimano r500 wheels - once again, I've had no problems.
Serfas SECA rs tires w/red stripes. Nice and smooth.

The Central Coast is a great place to ride - plenty of hills to be found, but you can also find flat or rolling through the wineries. On hot days, you can go out to the coast and ride in cooler weather. One of my favorite rides is Peachy Canyon Road out of Paso Robles (75% of that road is shaded), and I also have a bunch of great 15-minute climbs right behind my house when I have less time to sneak out and ride.

Glad to be part of these forums.

10 Wheels 07-26-10 05:58 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums.
I just bought 8 Serfas Seca road tires.
Thanks for joining.

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